2010-04-25 / Newsweekly

Ten Laker teachers choose buy-out


Ten Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker School teachers have accepted the retirement incentive plan at a cost saving of more than $1 million for the district. The teachers, with careers spanning back into the 1970s and 1980s, are evenly from among the grade levels.

Retiring are: Darlene Bush, (40 years, First Grade); George Gardy (38 years, Cabinet Making, Conditioning, Industrial Arts, Physical Ed), Colleen Krohn (38 years, Second Grade), Charlene Mauch (30 years, Sixth Grade Math, Seventh Grade Science), Jennie McCain (33 years, Sixth- Seventh Grade Language Arts, Reading), William McLellan (38 years, Advanced Math, Conditioning, Physical Education), Deanna McLellan (21 years, Fourth Grade), Gordon Murphy (35 years, Seventh Grade World Geography, Eighth Grade U.S. History), Ellen Roth (31 years, Seventh-Eighth Grade Algebra) and Mike Terrill (30 years, History, Theatrical Arts).

Supt. Bob Smith estimates the savings at $1.2 million and anticipates hiring only three or possibly four teachers next year. Smith noted salary differences between a beginning teacher and a more experienced one is in the $30,000 range not including benefits. Smith said the district is within their goal in regard to the savings, fund balance and expected costs.

Smith said the resignations were accepted with regret and also said, “We have some big shoes to fill.”

Presently, the enrollment numbers for Kindergarten are “on the bubble” and Smith said hiring a Kindergarten teacher if the numbers were to warrant it would be a good investment because the children would have the opportunity to learn to read sooner, as opposed to not hiring.

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