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The View From Here

We’re counting on them ...

My hope this June is the same hope I’ve had every June for at least the last couple of decades: that we can harness a big slice of our graduates’ youthful talent and enthusiasm and use it to make our world better.

That’s been how long it has been since I first witnessed a high school graduation from a parent’s perspective.

In years since I’ve beamed with pride as my kids, nieces, nephews and kids of friends have excitedly walked across the stage to collect that piece of paper that confirmed that they had completed something worthy of note, worthy of a bit nicer piece of paper that was clearly suitable for framing.

And in those 20-some years I’ve seen hundreds of young people that I’ve known march off that high school or college stage and raise the bar higher: creative plumbers, innovative mechanics, tech-savvy artists, compassionate engineers.

This year’s crop of graduates still gives me cause for pride and hope for the future, but leaves me wary that our trying times puts an added burden on their shoulders even before they’ve started the race.

So my special wish for this year’s grads is that they are blessed with a bit more perseverance — and that we parents, neighbors and friends add in a healthy extra dose of encouragement.

They need to know that we believe they will succeed. We’re all counting on them. They are the fuel for our hopes and dreams.

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