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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor and people of Huron County,

After reading the article "Wind District Questions Answered" in the Huron Daily Tribune, I was speechless, almost. Many issues about Proposal 1 and 2 on this November ballot were discussed. I think the answers attempted to lead us to believe all would be wonderful in "Industrial Windpark Land" if we just vote yes. The article disputes that up to 2,824 turbines in the THUMB on a map distributed by Huron County RAW can be sited. That number came from an academic study done by our own state.

The article says only 730 turbines can be sited in Huron County. Is this because turbines can be up to 60 feet taller than those in Ubly and Elkton and will have to be sited further apart. Will we be seeing even bigger spinning towers in our back yards? The article also disputes that property values will go down in "Industrial Windpark Land." Who wants to buy a home with huge spinning towers in the back yard. Not I!

The Huron County Wind ordinance has a turbine setback of 1,320 feet from a non participant residence (not property line). Including the blade these turbines can be almost 500 feet tall. How does this protect your property rights. Sand Beach Township Wind ordinance has a turbine setback of one mile from M-25 (Lakeshore Drive). The Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends a three mile setback from the shoreline. Huron County Wind ordinance has no stated setback from the shoreline.

Voting no on Proposal 1 and 2 will keep in other townships. No! sends a message to "Big Wind Company." There may be places to put these intrusive, inefficient, expensive, monsters, but not in my backyard.

Kimberly Camp Harbor Beach

Dear Editor,

On November 2nd, residents of Bloomfield, Bingham, Gore, Rubicon, Sherman, Sheridan, McKinley, Fairhaven, Hume, Lincoln, Dwight, Gore, Siegel and Winsor Townships have the opportunity to have input in further wind development in Huron County. County Proposals 1 and 2 are asking voters whether to approve two new overlay districts within Bloomfield, Rubicon, Siegel and McKinley Townships for wind turbines. Even if you do not live in one of these four townships, your township could be next for a wind overlay zone. Lansing politicians want to turn Huron County into an industrial wind zone. Why should we let this happen?

There is nothing good that will come from having massive wind turbines all over Huron County. It will only cost each and every one of us more money in our utility rates and loss of property value, not to mention loss of quality of life. Wind energy is expensive. Wind developers are not using their own money to finance these developments - they are relying on our tax dollars through federal incentives, grants and tax credits.

I was born and raised on a farm in Kinde, which was originally owned by my greatgrandparents and passed down through the generations. My great grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles put a lot of hard work over the years, working the fields, taking care of livestock and doing whatever possible they could afford to preserve the farm buildings. Now, many cousins and their children continue to work this same land and live on, or near, the homestead as a way of life. They, like many other families in the area, want to continue the family values handed down from generation to generation and preserve this land for future generations.

I am strongly asking you to vote NO on both Proposal 1 and 2 on November 2nd for yourself and your neighbors who fully realize turbines need to be studied more and for our future generations, who may have to live with looking at these senseless monstrosity towers which we are allowing to blight our countryside.

Nancy Sheward Sterling Heights

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