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Fabian and Mary (Abraham) Susalla Family Reunion

HARBOR BEACH - Cook’s Pond, Harbor Beach was the setting for the 64th Fabian and Mary (Abraham) Susalla “SALUTE TO OUR ROOTS” Family Reunion conducted on Sunday, July 22. There are 310 family descendants from this couple dating back to Nov. 20, 1911, their wedding date.

There were 11 children in the Susalla Family, with two daughters, Beatrice Kubacki and Patricia Vogel, attending the reunion. There are four of the 11 children living. The hosts this year were the children of the late Frank and Eleanor (Susalla) Talaski: Frank Jr. and Elaine, Richard and Ilene, LaVerne “Taco” and Jean, Eugene and Til, Fred and Julie Talaski and their families. It was attended by over 130 family members.

Following the theme “SALUTE TO OUR ROOTS,” the focal point of the reunion was an updated Family Tree that was completed and displayed for each of the 11 children and their families. Thanks to Beatrice Kubacki for sharing the large, framed photos of Mary Abraham Susalla, Fabian Susalla, and Frances Pletzke Abraham Susalla.

Thanks to Patricia Vogel for the legacy, miscellaneous photos, and the “Cousins” poem. The oldest male present was Eugene Gorkowski. The oldest female present was Marie Susalla, who had five generations attending: son Larry; grandson Christopher; great-granddaughter Brianna; and greatgreat grandson Ian. Traveling the farthest, from Zephyrhills, Fla., were Ralph and Jean Samons and children, Amanda and Bryan.

Prizes were awarded to the following: Tim Gorkowski - birthday closest to Fabian Susalla - Jan. 11 (1889); Barb Godlewski - birthday closest to Mary Abraham Susalla - March 26 (1892); Carolyn and Allen Peruski - anniversary closest to Fabian and Mary’s - Nov. 20 (1911); Marie Susalla - most children present with nine, and the most grandchildren present; Julie Tyrrell - “garage sale junkie,” wearing earrings purchased at a garage sale; Adam and Katie Peruski - newest Mom and Dad of Baby Max Peruski born June 8, 2012; Patricia and Herb Vogel - special married couple.

A drawing was conducted and the following people were winners: Dan and JaNiece Wolschleger, Randy and Joyce Susalla, Cody Tyrrell, Tom and Bonnie Braun, Tom Skipinski, Larry and Vicki Williams, Dan and Linda Susalla, Patricia Vogel, Carolyn Peruski, Ashley Talaski, Nick Booms, and Amanda Samons.

A framed 8x10 engagement photo and an 8x10 wedding photo of Fabian and Mary Susalla were won by Harley Susalla and Cody Tyrrell.

The children enjoyed playing games with prizes awarded, jumping in the bounce house, and swimming in the pond. Each child chose a Beanie Baby to take home. The adults enjoyed the afternoon visiting, reminiscing, sharing stories, playing horseshoes, volleyball, card games, and making new memories. Everyone enjoyed an abundant feast of Polish food!!

Next year’s host will be the families of the (late Arthur) and Marie Susalla on July 21, 2013 at Cook’s Pond.

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