2013-05-16 / Community

In other news for North Huron FFA:

• Ag skills events allow students to demonstrate their abilities in a variety of career-related contests. Over 70 members travelled to East Lansing to compete in the events. North Huron FFA was extremely fortunate to win two contests this year.

• In junior high floriculture, the team of Kaylee Hatch, Maggie Fischer and Kirstyn Mick received a first place gold award. In addition, Kaylee Hatch also received first place out of all Junior High students and Maggie Fischer received second place out of all Junior High members.

• In high school floriculture, the team of Nicole Kent, Abby Fischer, Nathan Peterson and Ana Wisneski took home an 11th place silver award.

• In junior high poultry, the team of Kendall Pawlowski, Dylan Roth, Nick Fillion, Tammy Kessel and Jessica Murawsi took home a first place gold award. Additionally, Tammy Kessel placed third in the junior high division and Jessica Murawski placed second in the junior high division.

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