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Huron County TRIAD

Dec. 2, 2013 Unapproved meeting minutes

Present: Wayne Knechtel – Bad Axe; Andy Lakatos – Caseville; Ed Bumhoffer – Elkton; Mary Thrushman – TRIAD President/Health Dept.; Mary Musich – Hume Twp., Eldon Dietzel – Owendale; Kelly Hanson – Vice President/Sheriff; Jackie Cregeur – Huron County Sheriff’s Office; Sgt. Jim Hunt – Huron County Sheriff’s Office; Bill Day – Colfax Twp.; Chief Dale Hartsel – Pt. Austin Police Dept.

Meeting called to order at 3:00 p.m., by Mary Thrushman, President. Pledge to the flag.

Motion made to accept the minutes from the October meeting. Motion carried.

Sheriff Hanson: Announced there was no treasurer’s report due to Janice Pulaskey being off sick. The Sheriff’s Office is looking to send someone to become an instructor for the Senior Driving class, but the instructor has to be 55. Kathy Harrison showed interest in becoming the instructor but we don’t have a definite answer on that yet. Scams are never ending. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Don’t fall prey. It is a vicious circle. Sheriff Hanson announced that regarding the Commissioners and budget talks, the Sheriff’s Office would stay the same. Since July 2012, we have made over 100 arrests relating to drugs. Meth manufacturers are quieting down. Heroin and cocaine use is still the same. The Sheriff’s Office had made marijuana buys within the last 10 days. There is prescription drug abuse in the schools. The Sheriff was asked if ORV’s are going to be allowed on the M roads? He advised that it would have to be a Michigan law change.

Sheriff Hanson announced that the Sheriff’s Office received two Humvees earlier in the summer. One is in service and the second one is being worked on. The Sheriff’s Office got them for free, but we are putting $11,000 into fabrication. The Humvees will pull the trailers and boats. We will be able to get surplus parts. When we are done with the Humvees, we have to give them back or turn them over to another police agency.

Sheriff Hanson was asked to comment on the flashing light at M-142 and Pinnebog Road. Sheriff advised that area people are frustrated. He advised that a stoplight couldn’t be put up due to federal funds. It was suggested that a 4-way stop or a roundabout be put in so the state decided on a 4-way stop.

Sgt. Jim Hunt: He became a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer. He advised that we look at it for the safety aspect and that Sgt. Hunt will explain what he does.

Sgt. Hunt advised that when he started, the trucks were in bad shape and overweight. The weight is per axle. He advised that it is more geared towards semis or trucks that can haul over 26,000 pounds. Hunt advised that there was a definite need for a Motor Carrier in our county. He advised that trucks are getting better and weights are going down. Sgt. Hunt advised that you can stop trucks for any violation you see and do an investigation. Sheriff Hanson advised that we sent Deputy Bismack to training also this year to become a Motor Carrier.

Chief Hartsel: Relayed information about a Wal-Mart Scam. He advised that is has been quiet in Pt. Austin.

Andy Lakatos: Advised that there is nothing going on in Caseville. Caseville did receive awards for the Cheeseburger Festival being a top festival.

Ed Bumhoffer: Advised on the Elkton Christmas Festival.

Mary Musich: Advised that in Pt. Austin there is a new house by the Historical Building. It was brought over from Grindstone. She advised that Huron City has a lot of funding and that the Township of Pte. Aux Barques is gated.

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