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Remembering 9/11

Dear Editor:

What sheer shock and horrible news exactly 13 years ago today. What a disaster! We all know where we were on that beautiful Tuesday morning Sept. 11, 2001 when we witnessed the disaster played right before our eyes on TV. This took us all by such surprise. Who would ever have thought it?

Reporters stated that for three weeks straight churches were packed out; thousands looked to God for reasons answers and strength. Today, we’ve mostly all just fallen complacent.

God is still God. He’s still in control. He still rules and in God we still trust. What else is there? Nothing but Him.

The construction of the new One World Trade Center started April 27, 2006. The designer was Daniel Libeskind, the architect was David Childs and the construction company was the Tishman Company. It only has 104 floors, whereas the one which the terrorists destroyed had 110 floors. It is 1,776 feet tall. While designers were discussing heights for this new skyscraper, they referenced it to our July 4, 1776 Independence Day. It was at first going to be named “Freedom Hall.” It’s similar in many ways to the one destroyed, having restaurants, exercise rooms, offices, restrooms, gift shops, etc. The windows are mirror like such that one can see out but can’t see in. The stairs they salvaged from 9/11 are on display. Huge, beautiful waterfalls cascade just outside of the World Trade Center. This larger-than-life project will be completed in late 2014, a reporter stated. The site covers 16 acres.

There is much to pray about. Our nation is in serious troubles. We must repent and get America back to God, the way it started out on her foundation. Signs of the times are just everywhere aren’t they?

May Our Lord bless you good this day as you read this. Man’s way leads to a hopeless end, God’s way leads to an endless hope. So happy is the home where Jesus is present.

I remember 9/11.

Darlene Bender

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