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Letters to the Editor

America, where are you?

Dear Editor,

America was created “One nation under God,” with a belief in God, values, morals, accountability, right and wrong and justice for all. Today, those with extreme beliefs and lifestyles have forced others to endure actions and laws not created for the greater good; the tail wagging the dog syndrome.

Is this the America God had in mind when he allowed this nation into existence? Is this the America many have given their lives for? Is this the America many believers have held up to God for a life of peace, protection and guidance?

Is this America being played like a circus to audiences in awe and disbelief? Lifestyles are choices, not rights to be forced on others as acceptable to society.

This is a call to all people of God to stand up and fight for freedoms being taken away. Pray for America. Our day of accountability is not as far off as you may think. God bless America.

Evelyn Smith
Harbor Beach

Landowner rights denied

Dear Editor,

The leaders of the anti-wind group have complained about the amount of money wind energy companies spent on advertising their viewpoint before the May election. Of course a lot of money was invested into the campaign; there was a lot of money invested into the new electricity lines, which are only running at approximately 15-percent capacity. Maybe the “big guys” had campaign money, but they also had ethics and morals. The pro-wind side ran a clean campaign, which didn’t consist of threats, intimidation, stealing, vandalism and mistruths.

Pro-wind felt that the anti-wind petitioners went door to door with misleading information and said just about anything to influence voters. When we tried to help the community with tax revenue from the wind turbines and help the environment to lessen carbon emissions, we were called ‘greedy.’

We’ve become sick of hearing the slogan “enough is enough.” Until there is no pollution, enough is NOT enough. Each community needs to do more than its share.

There is extreme disappointment toward the township that do have turbines and had low voter turnout. They didn’t support the last of the line. Landowners with turbines are now in a better financial position. They had no investment overhead for the turbines, yet they are able to fulfill their contracts and receive lease payments.

Some of the blame for the division within the community can be placed at the feet of the Lincoln Township Board for bringing in special interests pushing their own agendas. Their actions caused county leaders to continually change the rules as they went on to volley the wind issue for so long. I guess the “delay is to deny” tactic worked. Our local governments should not be a three-ring circus. They make excuses when they’re caught in wrongdoings, and it’s been shameful that none have been held accountable when they’ve stepped out of line. The Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners need to step it up an ethical notch.

It is ironic that several townships have pending millages in August. The voters killed the golden goose.

What about the rights of the landowners who pay taxes in our township but had no vote because they didn’t live in the township? What is the next landowner right that will be stripped away? Will we be told what crops to plant? Do our tractors make too much noise? How can a third party, Huron County, break the leases between the landowner and the utility companies when the contracts were signed within the approved Huron County zoning regulations?

Robert & Arlene Schipinski

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