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Buckley Tour Junior Golf Tournament completes final round

CASS CITY-While many are beginner golfers, several of the junior golfers had impressive scores. Rolling Hills Golf Club results for all divisions are as follows:

9 & under
(3 holes of play):

Boys: 5-7 years of age: 1st: Charlie Hempton-32; 2nd: Ryder Anthes-35. Boys: 8 & 9 years of age: 1st: Ethan Hanson-19; 2nd: Hayden Anthes-23; 3rd: Graeme Seltz-26.

Girls: 1st: Lilyon Roberts; 2nd: Brynlee McIntyre; 3rd: Addison Weber. Girls: 8 & 9 years of age: 1st: Sadi Heleski-27; 2nd: Audrey Brining-28; 3rd: Shayler McIntyre-29.

10-12 year division
(9 holes completed):

Boys: 1st: Luka Borgula-40; 2nd: Grady Seltz-47; 3rd: Brandon Trepkowski-47.

Girls: 1st: Sydney Schefka-64; 2nd: Danielle Curtis-72; 3rd: Miley Donnelon-78.

13-15 10-12 year division
(18 holes completed):

Boys: 1st: Kenton Wiseman-86; 2nd: Matt Roth-88; 3rd: Ryan Pisarek-93.

16-18 year division
(18 holes of play):

Boys: 1st: Colby Meeks- 79; 2nd: Sam MacAlpine-90; 3rd: Drake Siegner-91.

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