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Water dominates Caseville council business at meeting

By John Bonke
Staff Writer • jbonke@mihomepaer.com

CASEVILLE - Water was a main topic at the Caseville council meeting Monday.

Council set the water rate for the village of Pigeon and Caseville Township at $3.30 per thousand gallons effective Jan. 1 for the April bill.

City Clerk Jamie Learman said the rate was based on projected usage and operating costs for the water department.

The council authorized the purchase of a backup computer controller for the water system at a cost not to exceed $8,595.

Department of Public Works Supervisor Troy Hartz said the equipment will be a backup to the “main brain” and that the city couldn’t afford to be without one. He also said the cost is split three ways between the city, the village of Pigeon and Caseville Township.

The council approved a resolution to create a water plant crew leader position, which would be the most-qualified, senior union employee selected by the DPW supervisor. The position will pay $1 more per hour in accordance with union contract.

Council member Todd Talaski said the crew leader job had been discussed for a couple years and the DPW has the same position.

In a Parks and Recreation Committee report, Talaski said work progresses on improvements to the area near the breakwater and that the group is looking at ways to hold down costs.

In personnel matters, the council approved an employee agreement with David Krebs to be the city electrical inspector through June 30, upon approval of state inspection certification.

Council approved the following appointments: Jamie Learman, Christopher Stahl and Dana Withey to the city election commission for 2018; June Kretschmer to the zoning board of appeals, with a term ending July 2019, to replace Wayne Hazzard who moved out of the city; Kretschmer as an alternate to the board of review, with a term ending January 2020 to replace Hazzard; Joey Sancrant re-appointed to the board of review, with a term ending January 2020; and Luigi Zolin re-appointed to the water board, with a term ending January 2020.

The council also approved the following people as election inspectors for 2018: Co-Chairpersons Colleen Poisson and Dana Withey; inspectors Linda Balaze, Louis Balaze, Dianna Dunn, Jacqueline Finneren, Alice Hazzard, Wayne Hazzard, Daniel Korbutt, Karen Korbutt, Regina Kraft, Rebecca McGeathy, Marilyn Mitchell, Joanne Vander Meulen, Gail Wilcox and Elizabeth Willenberg.

The rate of pay for 2018 elections will be co-chairpersons at $12 per hour and inspectors at $11 per hour.

The council approved meeting schedules for the planning commission, downtown development authority and regular council meetings.

Following a public hearing, the council also approved the codification or ordinances, last updated June 14, 2016.

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