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Kids today are ‘lazy’?

By Lindsey Garner
USA FFA Advisor

A frequent phrase that can be heard among adults is that ‘kids today are lazy’ and that ‘all kids are not the way they used to be.’ I’ve definitely caught myself saying this phrase a few times as an educator because today’s youth definitely are not the way they used to be. I graduated from high school in 2011 and in a short, seven years youth have changed. They have changed for the better and they are not the way they used to be. Today’s youth are some of the most passionate individuals I have ever met.

Today’s youth are by no means lazy. The word lazy should never be used to describe them. As an educator, I get to work with some of the most hard working and talented students around. Students who are involved in five afterschool activities, compete in three sports, hold an afterschool job and pull off honor roll every trimester. Students who go home, help younger siblings complete homework, and cook dinner so their parents can work at night time. Students who work at their family’s business until 10 p.m. at night just so the job gets done. Today’s youth need to be given more credit despite their age because they may just surprise you at how hard they’re willing to work for something they want to succeed in.

Most human beings despite their age are lazy unless they are passionate about what they are getting involved in. I wish there were more passionate adults in today’s world as there would be more involvement in communities or that they would not feel like they’re in a dead-end job. We need to be creating youth who are passionate about what they’re doing so that they become passionate adults; fires to be set for youth to go out into the world knowing what gets them up in the morning and keeps them motivated.

Primary and secondary schools should absolutely play a role in helping students find their longterm passions as they already do. My education brought forth agriculture and helping people as my passions so there is no doubt that a child’s education plays a key role in this as well as parents. What roles can others play to help those around them find their passions?

Siblings, mentors, coaches, cousins, community leaders and family friends all have the ability to go out and help others find their passions. I challenge you to help a student, another adult or yourself to figure out what your current or new passion is because this world needs more passion. Things are not going to get better unless people are passionate about what they’re doing which will lead to positive change in our Thumb communities.

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