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Slow down and put safety first
By Vicki Yackle
Bad Axe Agriscience Teacher & FFA Advisor

Vicki Yackle Vicki Yackle In elementary school, we are taught at Safety-Ville to obey the speed limits, to look both ways twice before crossing the road and, of course, to hold an adult’s hand before walking across the street. So why do we ignore these basic safety rules when we become teenagers and adults and start to drive?

In preparing for this week’s article, I asked my advanced agriscience students who are juniors and seniors, what I should write about and they all agreed on “Farm Safety.” You see, this is one of the very first units I cover each fall and one that I stress to my students each spring when field work starts back up. Living in Huron County, we are faced with farm safety issues every time we take the road. Tractors, water trucks, semi-trucks and manure spreaders are all common farm implements that we encounter on the roads, yet do we all know what we are supposed to do around them?

Here is some advice from my students to help keep you safe.

First, remember that farm implements have the same right-of-ways that all drivers have. If you are at a two-way stop and they are on the crossing road, the farm implement has the right-of-way - even if they are going slower than you.

Secondly, farm implements take more room to turn. They cannot make sharp turns and therefore it is important to give them time to turn before you pass them.

Lastly, farm implements cannot stop on a dime. If you turn in front of them too quickly, they may not have time to slow down or stop for you.

Simple mistakes are made when we rush around and forget about the world around us. It only takes a split second for a tragedy to occur and so as we start planting season, I encourage you to take my student’s advice to heart. Please slow down and give our farmers just a little more space. They are just trying to do their job and do not mean to inconvenience you on the road.

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