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The most important organ in our bodies

Submitted by Ruth Schwendinger, BA
Prevention Specialist, Huron Behavioral Health

The brain is the most important organ in our bodies. Everyone with brainwaves should be aware of their brain health. Each brain develops in a unique way. Just like each city has a different layout but the same basic components, so do our brains: City Hall/cerebral cortex, Fire Department/amygdala, Post Office/ corpus callosum, Library/hippocampus. We all have times when the complex mix of chemicals in our brain changes the way our bodies function; we may experience headaches, sleep or digestive problems, sweaty palms, or trouble concentrating. Most of the time, our bodies will recover within a few hours or days when the cause has been addressed. Sometimes this involves drinking more water, getting a good meal or a few hours of sleep.

Other times, if symptoms of illness are severe or last more than two weeks then it is time to see a doctor. The structure and chemical makeup in your brain is different from mine, so treatment that works for one person may not work for another. For instance, traditional talk therapy is highly ineffective for people who tend to communicate in mostly non-verbal ways. Many people, men in particular, rebel against the thought of talk therapy or medication because it is not as effective; there are so many other treatment options ranging from nutrition and abstinence from alcohol to light or massage therapy. Just like with other health care, once a patient is stable, we monitor recovery as needed and go on with our regularly scheduled lives. Mental health professionals encourage self-care and preventative measures too. These can be routine self-assessments, regular physical exercise, or scheduled quality time with your friends - think, ‘weekly card game.’

Whatever you do, do something good for your mental health this week!

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