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‘Stryker’ - resting in peace

Harbor Beach resident Jan Langley writes: Do you remember the story in the Aug. 25, 2016 Huron County VIEW about “Stryker,” the big dog that belonged to an IED military man? “Stryker” passed away in early spring and his ashes were sent to his owner. We received a letter from him on leave in Scotland:

There were some nice easy trails around the area where I went for an afternoon horse ride. It was a very gray, cloudy morning, but I had time to kill before the ride, so I hiked anyway. I was on high ground that then turned downward and around a corner. There I saw a stone bridge with a giant, elegant Beech tree (my favorite tree) next to it on a river bank. I went to the bridge and saw that it was over a strong flowing section of the River Dee. Nothing was growing under the Beech except for light grass and ferns, but on the opposite bank, the shore was lined with blooming Rhododendron.

This was the spot. I hopped a fence to get under the Beech and sat in the grass near the roots for a minute, then down to the rocky river bank. I thought about the water, no, that’s not right - just didn’t want him swept and washed away in the current. So, back to the meadow area under the Beech. I opened the bag and let the wind catch him as the ashes fell out of the bag, spreading across the grass and ferns - I saved a little and put them in a pile back at the Beech roots. I sat for another few minutes, making sure it was as it should be, that he’d be happy here. Convinced he would be, with a final thought, I left him free and in search of peace. He’ll be happy there.

A few yards back up the trail, the sun came out.

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