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Caring for our Community is at the Center of All We Do.

Richard Lockard, M.D.
HMC Family Medicine Elkton Campus
6 N Main St, Elkton

Yasir Babiker, M.D. Charlie Christensen, D.O. Joann Kapa, FNP-BC
989.269.7606 989.269.7775 989.269.6493
Pediatrics & Internal Medicine Pediatrics Pediatrics
1080 S Van Dyke, Bad Axe

Osman Muhktar, MD Nick Himmel, PA-C Martha Koglin, PA-C Carrie Franzel, FNP-BC
989.658.2159 989.658.2159 989.738.5222 989.269.5258
Ubly Family Practice Walk-in Clinic Port Austin Family Huron Medical Center
2269 E Main St, Ubly Practice Walk-in Clinic Primary Care
24 E Spring St, 1011 S Van Dyke Rd Ste C,
Port Austin Bad Axe
1100 S. Van Dyke • Bad Axe, MI
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