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Thursday, April 20, 2017 Huron County VIEW

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Estate Estate Estate Employment Employment Employment Employmen
Teacher Zwemmer Dairy
VILLAGE OF ELKTON for Self-Contained are Looking for
Team Members.
The Upper Thumb Habitat for Humanity will K-8 Classroom Full/Part-Time
receive offers for the purchase and sale of a parcel of For more information visit:
flexible hours (H
property located at 5042 Barbara Thompson Drive, Benefits for
Elkton, Michigan, Parcel No.: 3231-009-168-00. The Fulltime Employees w
Send letter of application, Apply in person
legal description is: Lots 64 & 65, Elizabeth Taylor’s resume and any credentials to: 10am-2pm
2nd Addition to the Village of Elkton. The property Dolores Gorkowski
weekdays at the
Farm Office at
is currently zoned Residential. The Seller makes no Church School Board Secretary 3261 Berne Rd, Carol
representations as to suitability of purpose and the 352 Church Road Elkton, MI. H
property is sold “as-is.” The Seller further reserves the 989-375-2822
Filion, MI 48432
right to accept or reject any bids. Call and place your
classified ad today
Any interested buyer should forward their offer to Deadline: Monday, June 5, 2017 to sell your
Upper Thumb Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 111, unwanted items.
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