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Huron Township by detailed site plans certified by a registered
Huron County, Michigan engineer licensed in the state of Michigan and have
the following information.
7951 Pioneer Drive, Port Hope, MI 48468 A. The LSES shall have a minimum of 100 feet from
any non LSES structure.
Notice of Public Hearing B. Minimum area shall be 5 acres.
Huron Township Planning Commission C. The height of the panels shall not exceed 15 feet.
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM D. Side set back shall be 50 feet from lot lines.
E. Road set back of 50 feet and residential set back
Notice is hereby given that the Huron Township Planning 50 feet. Accessory structures of LSES shall conform
Commission will hold a public hearing October 10, 2018 to the requirements of the zone in which they are
at 7:00 PM at the Huron Township Hall, 7951 Pioneer built.
Drive, Port Hope, MI. The purpose of this hearing will F. Advertising is prohibited except reasonable
be to receive public input on proposed text amendments identification and safety warnings of the operator.
and Solar Energy Systems to the Huron Township Zoning G. Sound from the LSES shall not exceed 45 dBa
Ordinance of 2008, as follows: measured at the outside perimeter.
H. Fencing: In order to prevent trespassing and for
safety the LSES shall be enclosed by a suitable
9.02, to read: In the case where the property line abuts
six foot high fence. The perimeter may also require
Lake Huron the set back shall be 10 feet from the high
buffering from adjacent parcels especially near
water mark or at such other distance as the Zoning
residential zones. Electric fencing is prohibited.
Administrator in his sole discretion decides. Erosion or
I. Glare: Solar panels shall be placed and arranged
high water being factors to consider.
so that reflected radiation or glare shall not be
14.03, 4, 9, to read.
directed at adjacent buildings, properties, or
All repairs and maintenance work to keep a conforming
roadways. Solar panels, frames, and components
building or structure in sound condition may be made. All
shall have non-reflective surfaces.
changes must conform to the zoning ordinance. All new
J. Lighting: Shall be only that which is required for
structures require a new site permit.
safety and maintenance. Lighting shall be reasonably
15.02, 5, d, 1, d, to read: Engineering data concerning
shielded from abutting properties and roadways.
construction of the tower and its base or foundation,
K. Access Roads: Shall be of a quality and width to
which must be engineered and constructed in such a
provide easy access for maintenance and emergency
manner that upon removal of said tower, the soil will be
vehicles. The access road must be maintained in
restored to its original condition to a depth of 4 feet.
good order by the operator.
15.02, 5, d, 3, b, v, to read: The electrical collection
L. At the discretion of the Planning Commission all
system shall be placed underground within the interior
collection lines and interconnections shall be located
of each parcel at a minimum depth of 5 feet designed
and maintained underground within the LSES.
to accommodate the existing land use to the maximum
extent practicable. The collection system may be placed
Fees shall be established by the Huron Township Board
overhead adjacent to Township and County roadways,
for siting and the special use permit. An escrow account
near substations or points of interconnection to the
must be established for covering all reasonable cost and
electric grid or in other areas as necessary.
expenses such as lawyers, consultants, complaints, etc.
15.02, 5, d, 3, c, i, to read: Inhabited structures: On a
and shall be replenished promptly as needed for the
participating parcel, each wind turbine shall be set back
duration of the LSES.
from the nearest inhabited structure a distance of no less
than1320 feet. Where a wind energy facility is proposed
1. Financial Surety. The applicant for a LSES shall
in the vicinity of a non-participating parcel, each wind
provide a form of surety either through an escrow
turbine shall be set back from the nearest residence,
account or bond to cover the cost of removal, in
school, hospital, church, or public library on a non-
the event that the Huron Township Board must
participating parcel a distance no less than 1640 feet.
remove the installation, in an amount determined to
A lesser setback may be approved pursuant to Section
be reasonable by the Huron Township Board. The
5.d)1 of this Article if the intent of this Article would
amount shall include a mechanism for calculating
be better served thereby. A reduced setback shall be
increased removal costs.
considered only with written approval from the owner of
2. The LSES shall be considered abandoned when it
the inhabited structure.
fails to operate for 12 months.
15.02,5, d, 3, c, iii, to read: Public roads: Each wind
3. Physical removal of the LSES in its entirety.
turbine shall be set back from the nearest public road a
4. Disposal of all solid and hazardous wastes in
distance no less than 500 feet or 1.5 times its Hub Height,
accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
whichever is greater, determined at the nearest boundary
5. The ground must be restored to its original
of the underlying right-of-way for such public road.
condition within 365 days.
15.02, 5, d, 3, d, to read: Wind Turbine/Tower Height
(Total Height): The total height of a wind turbine shall be
The provision of this amendment is declared to be
the distance to the center of the hub of the wind turbine
severable and if any provision, section, or part of this
plus the distance to the tip of the turbine blade at its
amendment is declared invalid or unconstitutional by a
highest point. Generally, the Hub Height shall be limited
court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall affect
to 499 feet from the existing grade unless modification
the particular provision, section, or part involved in such
of this maximum height is approved pursuant to Section
decision and shall not affect or invalidate the remainder of
5, d)1 of this Article. The applicant shall demonstrate
such amendment, which shall continue in full force.
compliance with the Michigan Tall Structure Act (Act 259
Individual Solar Energy System
of 1959, as amended) and FAA guidelines as part of the
Because Individual Solar Energy Systems are unique
approval process.
to the individual zone, lot, and abutting properties, such
16.12, D, to read: Access structure to the shore of Lake
use of land may be authorized by a site permit for an
Huron shall be limited to a stairway and /or a handicap(s)
accessory structure. The requirements of this permit
ramp or a sloped grade at the discretion and approval of
shall be handled on an individual basis by the zoning
the Zoning Administrator. No site permit is required.
administrator upon approval of the Planning Commission.
22.06, 5 to read: The warrant shall be served by the
Sheriff or an appointed township official. In addition to the requirements of this amendment, the
Planning Commission may impose additional conditions
Section 14.24 Large Solar Energy System
on the approval of a LSES as condition of a special use
A utility-scale Large Solar Energy System (LSES) where
the primary use of land is to generate electric energy
or other energy by converting sunlight, whether by Interested persons are invited to attend this hearing and/
photovoltaic devices or other conversion technology, for or comment on these proposed amendments to the
sale, delivery, or consumption of the generated energy by zoning ordinance. Written comments will be accepted at
more than one end user. the Huron Township Hall. Any questions concerning these
Special Use proposed amendments contact Jeff Phillips 1-989-874-
Large-scale ground-mounted solar photovoltaic 4654.
installations shall be considered special use and need a
Special Use Permit. LSES are permitted in all districts, This notice is published and disseminated pursuant to
Agricultural, Commercial, Recreational, and Residential. the requirements of P.A.110 of 2005 as amended by the
Prior to construction a special use permit must be Michigan Zoning Enabling Act MCL 125.3101.
Huron Township Planning Commission
Keith Iseler Chairman
1. All applications for a LSES must be accompanied
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