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Village of Ubly
January 4, 2018
“Unapproved Meeting Minutes”

The Village of Ubly Regular Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
January 4, 2018 at the Bingham/Village Government Center.
Attendance: In attendance were – President – David Jaroch; Trustees:
Lola Brown, Larry Western, Jason Nicol, Victoria Rutkowski and Susan
Schrader; Treasurer Kelly Pearce, Police Chief Dave Rothe and DPW
Supervisor Carl Weber. Water Administrator Lori White was absent.
Trustee Larry Gornowicz had an excused absence as did Barb Butch,
Clerk. There were 5 citizens in attendance.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Public Comment
Steve Irvine announced the contract for the tractor pulling was for the
Homecoming being conducted from July 12th – July 15th and wanted
approval from the council that these dates were good.
Chris Peruski expressed concern regarding comments in the Bad Axe
paper regarding blight.
Water Report No Report
Clerks Report
December minutes were presented to Council. In attendance should be
changed from absent to excused for Susan Schrader, Victoria Rutkowski,
Kelly Pearce and Larry Western. Lola Brown made a motion to approve
minutes with the amendment, seconded by Larry Western. All in favor,
motion carried.
December bills payable in January were presented to Council. Victoria
Rutkowski made a motion to accept and pay the December bills as
presented, seconded by Jason Nicol. All in favor, motion carried.
Kelly Pearce, Treasurer, ready the second reading of the Zoning
Ordinance. President David Jaroch informed the council to give updates
to the Clerk Barb Butch.
Treasurer’s Report
Kelly presented the Treasurer’s Report. Council accepted the Treasurer’s
Report subject to audit.
President David Jaroch advised that the Police Salvage Vehicle Account
monies must be moved to the General Fund as a form of reimbursement
towards the New Patrol Vehicle.
Trustee Reports:
Public Safety/Susan Schrader:
The police acquired a Chevy Silverado during a drug bust but a claim
by the defendant has been made. Changes will be made with the signs
coming into town to show no parking from 3am to 5am. Chief Rothe will
meet with the Feds before conducting a sale to sell guns currently in
the evidence room. This proceeds from the sale will be used to buy an
external hard drive to load camera videos as a source of backup from
the current computer.
The police department will be purchasing an MDT (Mobile Data Terminal)
for the Tahoe
Flags can be given to Carl to burn in a barrel on DPW grounds.
Mrs. Peruski was told that once the final Blight Ordinance is approved
she will be given a copy.
Planning & Zoning/Jason Nicol:
Next Planning Commission, Master Plan meeting will be Monday,
January. 15th, 7 p.m. at the Senior Center. January 26th the notice to the
public of the rec plan will be posted and February 26th, there will be a
public hearing for the adoption of the rec plan.
President Jaroch stated that Terry Kelly was the only person qualified
to help us with the zoning ordinance. President Jaroch will ask him to
give us a quote on the cost of drafting the zoning ordinance. A motion
was made by Lola Brown to solicit a zoning and ordinance planner and
seconded by Larry Western. All in Favor, motion accepted
Parks & Public Spaces/Lola Brown:
A subcommittee was formed to submit a grant for recreation
improvements. Lola Brown, Vanessa Longuski, Dave Jaroch, and Mike
Moorman are on that committee.
Improvements that will be submitted will include Park Pavillion
Improvements, Handicap Accessible bathrooms, and a walking trail.
A motion was made by Susan Schrader and seconded by Victor
Rutkowski, to hire Spicer to write and submit the grant. All in favor, motion
The Christmas Display Winners were announced – Business - Buds &
Blossoms, Residence, 1st Place - Cam Hill; 2nd Place – Kevin & Diane
Gracey; 3rd Place – Heather Collon.
A motion was submitted by Lola Brown and seconded by Susan
Schrader to approve the Homecoming Dates, July 12th – July 15th.
Motion Carried, all in favor.
Public Works/Larry Western:
Work was done on Water Pumps #6 and #7. Larry named off several
areas of sidewalk that are slated for repair. R.J. Melnik has been hired for
some mornings for plowing.
MML Rep./Victoria Rutkowski: Nothing to Report
Finance & Budget/Jason Nicol:
Jason reminded everyone that they need to have their budget requests
into him as soon as possible. A motion was made by Susan Schrader
and seconded by Lola Brown to conduct the final budget meeting on
February 26th. All in Favor, motion carried.
President Jaroch asked the Treasurer to post budget adjustments to
avert letters from the State of Michigan regarding the village spending
estimates vs. actuals. A motion was made to allow the Treasurer receive
help from Laurie Messing, CPA if necessary to satisfy the requirements
of the state.
February’s Monthly Village meeting will also include a budget review.
Old Business/ New Business:
A motion was made by Susan Schrader and seconded by Larry Western
to ask the clerk to write the Village Newsletters and to pay her $50.00 an
issue. Motion carried, all in favor.
Public Comment:
There being no further discussion, Council adjourned the meeting at
8:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Pearce, Treasurer
***A complete written copy of the minutes can be seen at the Village Hall,
at Sleeper Public Library or on the Village’s Website:

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