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Township of Brookfield
County of Huron, Michigan
Synopsis of Unapproved minutes-Brookfield Township
Regular meeting held July 11, 2018 @ 8:00pm at the
Owendale Community Building, 7351 Main Street,
Owendale, MI 48754.

Present were T. Draschil, B. Niester, E. Haley, A.C.
Timmons and M. Lorencz.

The board took action on the following: motion to
approve the agenda, motion to approve the minutes
of the June board meeting, motion to approve the
treasurer’s report and pay all bills.

General Fund Balance $452,454.99
Road Fund Balance $1,008,855.84
Fire Fund Balance $127,217.65

Motion to approve the purchase of a copy machine.
Discussed roads.
Motion to adjourn

Synopsis approved by Synopsis prepared by
A.C. Timmons, Supervisor Michael Lorencz, Clerk
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