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Held with The Holiday Sale
Thurs. 12-21-17
10 AM UPI M-66
Marion, MI

Sunnyside Dairy
Complete Herd Dispersal
RHA 26690 3.9 1090 3.1 831
80 Cows Avg 80# 3.9 3.2 SCC-110K
Cows Milking Up to 140#,
Lots of Good Uddered YOUNG Cows,
37 1st Lact 31 2nd Lact
Parlor / Freestall / Headlock / DHIA
AI Sired & Bred, Several Red & Whites
20 Dry Cows Due in the next 60 Days
Herd Health w/ Airport Animal Clinic
& Recently Vaccinated
70 AI Sired Heifers (Calves-Springers)
Owners: Brandon & Amber Dezeeuw
231-667-0492 231-667-0760

Fresh Cow & Heifer Auction
Held With The Sunnyside Dispersal
Several Groups of Good Fresh
Holstein Cows & Heifers
“100 AI Sired Heifer Calves,
Babies Through July’17, DHIA,
26000# RHA-Parr Dairy”
Catalog, Video, & More Information
at www.uproducers.com/dairy-sales/
Trucking Available

Paul Warner Chad Kreeger
614-296-5038 517-294-3484
“ We wish you & your families a safe
& happy Holiday Season & thank you
for your support in 2017”
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