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Bad Axe approves infrastructure work

BAD AXE – Major infrastructure work is scheduled to take place in the City of Bad Axe.

At its recent meeting, Bad Axe City Council approved a future project to replace water main and sanitary sewer lines along a stretch of East Huron Avenue. The project is set to begin next year and will run in conjunction with Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) road project along the same route.

According to Bad Axe City Manager Robert Stiverson, MDOT is looking to finalize plans for its part of the project by April of this year, with bidding to take place in September.

The three-part project will take place from Port Crescent Street downtown and run east to Nugent Road.

Along that stretch, MDOT will be resurfacing the road with a mill and overlay, adding new handicap ramps to sidewalks, straightening and creating new curbs, gutters and drive approaches in certain areas, and narrowing some sections of roadway.

During the length of the project, MDOT will maintain traffic in one direction.

For the city, work will include installing new water main line from Port Crescent Street to Scott Street, then from Scott Street to the railroad tracks between Allen and Gold streets, and finally, replacing the sewer line from the railroad tracks to Nugent Road.

In the first phase of the project from Port Crescent Street to Scott Street, Stiverson has recommended the water mains are moved to go underneath the sidewalks as a cost-saving measure. Where they are currently located under the existing road, there is concrete underneath the asphalt.

“So it gets to be pretty expensive to tear out the concrete and replace that cross section, whereas it’s less expensive to tear out sidewalk and replace sidewalk,” said Stiverson. “And we need the sidewalk replaced anyway, so it’s a cost-saving move construction-wise to get that underneath the sidewalk.”

Stiverson said water main work from Scott Street to the railroad tracks will take place at a later date, with the understanding that the water mains will be able to be placed underneath the sidewalk.

An estimated cost for the first phase water main project is $695,000; with the sanitary sewer phase estimated at $880,000. The money will come from the city’s street, general, water main and sanitary sewer funds.

“The city has been very selective with their projects over the years, and what they do is they intentionally set money aside for larger projects,” Stiverson said. “So the city has been saving for this project for a number of years.”

Also at the meeting, council approved the return of the city’s summer day camp program. The program was last offered in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The plan is to seek out a camp administrator, along with seven assistants.

The camp is scheduled to run 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from June 20 through Aug. 19.

For more information on the camp, check out the city’s Facebook page, the Bad Axe Parks and Recreation Facebook page, the city’s website at, or call 989-269-7681.