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Save our vote

Letters to the Editor

There are two proposals being forwarded in Michigan regarding presidential elections: One is a bill by Rep. Rheingan and the second is a 2024 ballot initiative. Both propose to link Michigan’s electoral votes to the U.S. popular vote.

Their claim that this ensures every vote counts is false. If passed, these proposals could negate the will of Michigan voters. We do not always agree with the U.S. popular vote.

Elections are held by states for a very good reason: By having the Electoral College, which prevents higher populated states from overriding the voting will of smaller populated states.

As per the 2023 census state population data: California (40 million) could negate the votes of the 25 lowest populated states. The next four most populated states (Florida, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania) could do the same to the next 15 lower populated states.

So those five states could possibly elect our president forever, by overriding the 40 lowest populated states. Granted, not every one in those five states votes for one party , but then neither does everyone in the other states.

Claiming that each state’s electoral college votes does not represent every voter in the state (thereby making their vote not count) does not then carry over to the validation that the U.S. popular vote represents the will of the United States of America. Emphasis on states.

Joann Gorkowski, Bad Axe